Southern California Wineries

I am from Southern California and up until my newfound love for wine this year, I had no idea if we even had any wineries. There are a few great wineries in Santa Barbara, where there is actually land for big vineyards, but I am going to try to focus on wineries a little bit more south of there.

Malibu Wines – Malibu, CA
Photos from (C) 2017
This first one is one of my favorites! I have been here twice now and I love how gorgeous the atmosphere is, but also how intimate it feels.

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa – Temecula, CA
Photo from (C) 2017
A resort with a winery as well?! Talk about perfect wedding venue, honeymoon and just overall great place to vacation at.

Bernardo Winery – Rancho Bernardo, CA
bernardo winery.jpeg
Photo from (C) 2017
There is not a ton of land for their vineyard, but this is one of the oldest wineries in the San Diego County. And judging by their photos, it is a great and popular venue for weddings!