You Can Taste Wine Somewhere Besides Your Couch And Favorite Fancy Restaurant!

If you are a female who loves wine or has wine loving friends, you will inevitably succumb to a trip to a winery. And if you are a male, you too will inevitably succumb to taking a trip to a winery (although you probably will not be as willing or eager).

Here is everything you need to know about wine tasting and its dos and donts!

Wine tasting is awesome because it gives both beginners and advanced wine enthusiasts to try a wide range of wines without having to 1) splurge and spend a ton of money on many different bottles 2) try all the wine alone 3) Googling facts about the wine because there will be knowledgable staff at the winery eager to share what they know.

Most people swirl (aerate) their wine to help release the aromas. If you are a beginner and do not want to accidentally splash yourself or worse, someone else, try placing it on a flat surface and then hold the stem and swirl.

Also, it is best to hold the wine by the wine glass stem and not the bowl. Your oily fingers may leave fingerprints and the temperate from your hand may ruin the wine, which was stored and served at a specific temperature.

When it comes to actually tasting the wine, inhale before taking a sip! And also make sure that it coats all of your mouth. You don’t have to swallow the wine in order to enjoy it. You can always spit it back into your glass or a spittoon designed just for that!

Lastly, taste white wines before going to the darker, red wines and save the sweetest for last. This way the lighter wines do not get overshadowed by the stronger tasting wines.



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