Looks Do NOT Get Better With Age, But At Least Wine Does

My blog title says it all. If only we women could age like wine. Well actually Asian women can age quite well, but it is like you’re good, good, good and then BAM! you turn into a wrinkly old raisin looking granny. (But maybe I am just biased because of my own ethnicity).

Anyways, to properly age a wine, like aging it real life, it requires the proper care and steps to take. Also, there is a reason why some prefer the taste of an older wine compared to its younger version.

The most important factor in the aging of wine are tannins! They are important because they are indirectly responsible for the wine’s smell. The longer the react with the wine’s alcohols and esters, the more they subdue the youthful aromas (flowery and fruity), and transforms the wine into a more complex and subtle scents of mature wines.

Over time small amounts of oxygen leaking in through the cap reacts with the tannins. This affects how the wine feels in your mouth. Unlike younger wines, mature wines will not leave your mouth feeling dry. Mature wines/tannins should leave the wine lingering pleasantly inside your mouth.

In addition, tannins affect the color of the wine. This is why older red wines tend to be more a a bright red at times and younger wines can be described as a “bluish-red” color!



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