You Can’t Drink Wine In A Red Solo Cup!!!

Okay so there is no law or rule that explicitly states “Thou shall not drink wine from a red cup!”, but there should be!

It is time to leave our college party days behind us. Now is the time to enter adulthood (for me at least) and pretend like I actually have the patience and willpower to not want to chug my alcohol.

The first step to enjoying wine, after buying/choosing the wine, is the serve it properly. I always thought there was one universal wine glass and one just for champagne. Now that I actually enjoy the two, I noticed a variety of glasses.

It is important to know the different styles of wine glasses because certain wines are best served in specific wine glasses.

Below are the types of wine glasses best for serving red wines.

Bordeaux Wine Glass 
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.52.04 AM.png
This type of wine glass is full and round with a large opening in order to help you put your nose into the glass and smell the wine’s aroma. This particular style of wine glass is designed for full bodied, heavier red wines. The tallness of the glass lets the wine go straight to the back of our mouths to maximize the flavor. This is great for Cabernets or Merlots!

Burgundy Wine Glass/
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.57.13 AM
This wine glass is shorter than the Bordeaux wine glass, but the bowl is larger. This allows the wine to go straight to the tip of the tongue so we can taste its more delicate flavors. Pinot Noirs are best served in this glass!

Below is the best type of wine glass for serving white wine.

White Wine Glass
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.59.36 AM.png

This type of wine glass with be more “U” shaped compared to the first two wine glasses listed. This is so the aromas of the wine can be released while also maintaining its cooler temperature. (I personally prefer having my white wines chilled).



Rosé Wine
I am not going to show a photo just to avoid confusion. Rosé wines are best served in either stemmed glasses with a short bowl and a slight taper OR glasses with a short bowl and a slightly flared lip. Even a white wine glass is okay to use because the fermentation process of rosé is similar to white wine.

All photos from (C) 2017



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