If You’re Gonna Kill Your Liver…

Might as well choose something that’s supposedly good for your heart, right?

Even as a young girl, I have always correlated Italian cuisine with wine. I remember asking my best friend’s mom why she always had a glass of red wine every time I stayed over for dinner. She was the first one to inform me that red wine was supposed to be good for the heart.

Ten years later, I am here for support her claim with facts!

According to WebMD, wine can be used to prevent heart disease (hardening of the arteries, heart attack and/or stroke). More than that though, it can be used for preventing the decline of thinking skills in later life, type 2 diabetes and ulcers.

Its super powers go beyond this! It can even help stimulate appetite and improve digestion. Wine can be applied topically to improve wound healing. However, I do not think I will be dousing my eczema in red wine (it would be such a waste), so please do not go pouring wine all over a cut.

If not for your sake, do it for mine.



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