Perhaps I should have started off on a calmer note, but I thought I would get straight to the point.


I get it, especially for you beginners. It is sweet, simple and an overall safe start for beginner wine drinkers. It was the first wine bottle I ever purchased for *bleeped out fraternity’s* infamous “Wine Wednesdays” actually.

There is nothing like singing along to “Closer” by The Chainsmokers while attempting to chug your cheap $5-8 bottle of Barefoot Sweet Red Blend, right? Wrong! That nasty hangover that slaps you in the face next morning as you stumble your way to class or work definitely surpasses (or at least it should) any positive attributes it could possibly have.

However, I cannot deny its success. Barefoot Wine is one of the best-selling wine brands in the United States because of 1) its cheap price (they’re all under $10), 2) its marketing skills that makes it available in every grocery store throughout the country and 3) its simplified categorized selection of wines.

But after reading my blog, you will no longer be an amateur. You will realize that you can get actually good wines for under $10 at totally accessible locations and you’ll have enough knowledge about wine that you do not need their simplified categories of wine!



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