Why Your Wallet Prefers Wine Over Hard Liquor

As a broke college student, I am always on a budget. This pertains to my alcohol spending as well. There is nothing worse than waking up the next day, after a long night out with the girls, and checking your bank statement. Well actually maybe the hangover, lost personal items and dignity might take the … Continue reading Why Your Wallet Prefers Wine Over Hard Liquor


Cheap Wine Isn’t Always Bad Wine

Price is not always the tell tale sign of a great wine. Trader Joe's carries some of the best, cheapest wines! As if that place needed to give me yet another reason to love it (who can beat their $4 bouquet of roses?!). Anyways, here are some of the best/must try's. Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling … Continue reading Cheap Wine Isn’t Always Bad Wine

If You’re Gonna Kill Your Liver…

Might as well choose something that's supposedly good for your heart, right? Even as a young girl, I have always correlated Italian cuisine with wine. I remember asking my best friend's mom why she always had a glass of red wine every time I stayed over for dinner. She was the first one to inform … Continue reading If You’re Gonna Kill Your Liver…


Red + White = Rosé

If you mix red wine with white wine, you get rosé aka that pink looking wine! LOL just kidding. I don't know if you remember from my blog post explaining the differences between red and white wine, but I had promised an explanation for rosé! So here I am ready to divulge into everyone's favorite … Continue reading Red + White = Rosé



Perhaps I should have started off on a calmer note, but I thought I would get straight to the point. STAY. AWAY. FROM. BAREFOOT. WINES! I get it, especially for you beginners. It is sweet, simple and an overall safe start for beginner wine drinkers. It was the first wine bottle I ever purchased for *bleeped out … Continue reading STAY AWAY FROM BAREFOOT