Wine Is Pretty Much Adult Grape Juice, Right?

It should be/is, or at least that is what I tell myself and anyone who will listen to me rant. I have heard that a glass of red wine once a day is supposed to be good for you, but we will dive into that in a later blog.

Anyways, what is wine? Wine is pretty much an alcoholic drink that is made from the juice of fermented grapes. No, not normal grapes that we get from our everyday grocery store, but from special wine grapes. These types of grapes are different because they are smaller, sweet, and have thicker skin. There are thousands of different types of wine grapes.

A good analogy that I would use is beer is to grains as wine is to grapes.

Most wines have an alcoholic content that ranges between 10-15%. However, some wines, such as certain types of Moscato, can be as low as 5% and others, such as Sherry or Brandy-infused wine, as high as 20%.

You may be unfamiliar with the two wine types I just named and that is okay. This is blog is here for both you and I as we venture into the great land of adulthood! Also known as the land of nonstop stress/work that drives you straight to every happy hour and alcohol section of the grocery store.